Fast, hardy and low-cost method for floor inlet castings of pipelines both new buildings and renovations works.


RUFFIX-Inlet Casting Mold simply saves working time and materials which means it saves clear money.

If desired, the organic persistent material manufactured RUFFIX-mold, is to be able to leave in position after the drying of the cast concrete (no demounting work at all).

After drying of cast concrete the RUFFIX-mold is possible to demount and e.g. to burn off (no toxic gases), or alternatively it can to re-use again at some equivalent floor inlets.

RUFFIX-Inlet Casting Mold is reducing preparation works of inlet castings, also demounting and garbage cleaning works are reducing substantially (or come even needless).

By RUFFIX-Molds the Calculation of costs is also easier than by traditional methods because of very easily defined costs of material and installation work for each of pipeline inlets.


RUFFIX-Inlet casting mold has manufactured from polypropylene (EPP) which is very easy to cut out and shaped by knife. Although the polypropylene (EPP) is very light material it is amazing strong and durable for harsh handling, demanding building site conditions and load of casting work.

Polypropylene (EPP):

  • durable for solvents
  • strong and robustness
  • no adhering to concrete
  • tear resistance
  • anti-slip material
  • reversible deformation

RUFFIX-Inlet Casting Mold is fastened direct to a pipe going through the floor by means of screw tightened attachment clamp included to the Installation Case.

RUFFIX-molds are easy to transport and storage, they are very light to handle and also open air storing is possible (only rain protection is recommended because of pasteboard packages).


Get out from unsteady batten-, board- and timber constructions!

RUFFIX-Inlet Casting Mold makes the casting process of floor inlets of pipelines very simple and easy to do. It is reducing necessity to difficult working positions and consequently improves safety at work.

After short introduction, the easy and simple installation work of RUFFIX-mold is able to make by cheaper auxiliary personnel (assistants) of building site, loading of high-grade professionals is not needed anymore.

NOTICE ! Please, becoming acquainted with installation instruction of RUFFIX-mold is must before starting of installation. Each installations case of RUFFIX-mold has a clear and detailed installation instruction.


  • Delivery by 6, 36, or 216 (euro pallet) mold-packages.
  • All needed equipment in one easily-handled and carried installation case
  • 6 molds
  • required metallic attachment clamps
  • cutting-knife
  • installation instruction

RUFFIX-mold is fastened direct to a pipe which is going throught the floor (just below and against the floor / base floor).

RUFFIX-mold is appropriate for installation around of most common pipelines sizes like 25, 50, (60), 75, (85), 110, (120), 125, 160 tai 200mm.

RUFFIX-mold is carefully cut to a suitable form for each of pipe inlet hole by means of the cutting-knife included to the installation case.

The material of the RUFFIX-mold is very easily cut out and shaped polypropylene (EPP).

RUFFIX-mold is completely Finnish innovation, manufactured in Finland and subject to the patent application 2006/0522.


Has based on March 2006 by Jorma Jolma

Is in charge from Developing, Manufacturing (by sub-suppliers), Sales and Marketing of Inlet Casting Molds

Ruffix-Inlet Casting Mold has originally innovated by Jorma Jolma and developed from an idea to working and usable product. The product developing and designing works have done since summer 2005 and finally early on the autumn 2006 the first prototypes were ready for thorough tests at site conditions. Furthermore after some modifications and improvements (indicated also by many qualified workers and professionals of building works) the final and completed product was issued to markets on November 2006.

The Finnish Employment and Economic Development Centre (the TE-Centre) with some consultants of the TE-Centre has given appreciable help and knowledge for product developing work and for sales and marketing plans of the Inlet Casting Mold, specially the consultant company TotalDesign Oy (from Joensuu Finland) is must to be mentioned.

From the founder of the company, Jorma Jolma has a long experience (since 1984) from practical brick- and tiling works at buildings in Finland and Russia.

The operation of Ruffix Oy is based on easy accessibility, flexibility, quick deliveries, close contacts and direct feedback with/from customers. We have committed to develop our products and operation of the company according to comprehensive internal studies and based on all kind of feedback received direct from our customers. Please always indicate us your experience both the using of the products and functionality of deliveries.

Ruffix Oy is operating in Finland so far but activities in other Scandinavian countries and St. Petersburg area in Russia are going to start in the near future.

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